Glass high temperature - Glass temperature transition - thermal shock


While produced, the hollow glass has to be protected from the metal mechanism (pusher hands, transfer wheels, stacker bar…)

It is time for you to switch to optimized solutions already adopted by many glass manufacturers around the world.

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Glass contact products

 PBI's state of the art glass contact product range is made for the most part of 316 stainless steel extra thin yarns , braided or woven together to obtain the ideal soft contact required by the glass skin.

No more micro-check !

 Available by the metre and easy to adapt to article shapers with a quick welding solution.


  • No checks or scratches
  • No sticking
  • No slipping
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • No surface vitrification
  • Optimal thermal shock resistance
  • No domino effect in the lehr transfer
  • Proven wear resistance
  • Wide range of fastening options
  • Versatile uses


Nefaglass SO Tape 316SO Braid
  On an IS 16 section machine   On an IS 12 section machine
  2 sets   2 sets
  300 articles per minute   250 articles per minute
  Articles weighing 280g   Articles weighing 450g
  Surface temperature of 720°C   Surface temperature of 720°C

15 million contacts and more...
Here are some examples.
Your solution/product will be precisely determined according to the temperature and constraints of your application.

Other applications:

  • Spiral-wound lining of conveyor rolls for mirror production or in bending process
  • Take-outs for glass bricks
  • Lining of handling tools
  • Annealing lehr curtain
  • Vacuum take-out head pads
  • Lining of transfer plate and transport cage
  • etc.