Furnace rolls - Production of millboard rings

Furnace rolls

In the high temperature conditions of continuous annealing, stainless steel strips must be handled with care. PBI special millboards for furnace rolls claddings have been fulfilling this duty for decades.

Our dedicated Furnace Roll unit has an extensive, accurate field knowledge and proven track record in APL’s. Beyond claddings for furnace rolls, we offer high performance contact interface solutions adapted to your needs.


PBI furnace rolls presentation to download  Furnace rolls High temperature solution producer


Furnace rolls high temperature solution producer
Furnace rolls high temperature solution producer


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Production of millboard rings

 The discs are produced out of millboard sheets according to customer roll dimensions.

 The millboard discs are assembled onto the shaft and pressure-locked.
 The roll is machined down to the required diameter.

For remote customer locations worldwide, PBI provides full technical support and specifications for on-site roll assembly







  • Most advanced and innovative non-asbestos millboards
  • Wide range of cladding materials, matching all types of furnace designs and strip grades
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Several truly shot-free millboard grades
  • A technical team dedicated to furnace rolls
  • A technical supervision for on-site roll assembly
  • Training of maintenance staff and contractors


Your solution/product will be precisely determined according to the temperature and constraints of your application.