activities High temperature solution producer

Our strength : the specialization in PROTECTION, SEALING and INSULATION solutions for a wide range of industries:


Innovative high temperature solutions at different stages of the metallurgy and foundry industry process: melting furnace, cast iron, continuous steel casting, metal treatment, coke plants, etc.


Specific applications optimizing production and transformation to primary and secondary aluminium as well as for the foundry industry.

Petrochemical / refinery industry

Specialization in high temperature protection of tube systems and thermocouples as well as some other solutions such as mattresses, compensators, etc.


Revolutionary long-life glass contact solutions for pusher arms, transfer wheels and stacker bars without micro-checks.

Furnace rolls

A dedicated unit for millboard rings die-cutting, pressure assembly and lathing

Centrifugal casting

A wide range of sealing gaskets for casting shells, ladles and furnaces and various types of protection for welding, casting, etc.

Heat shields

We offer you heat shield solutions in several forms, from standard to the made-to-measure.

Others (cement industry, power stations...)

Wherever there is high temperature, PBI can study and provide solutions

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