From 1200c to 1500c High temperature protection, insulation

From 1200 to 1499°C

A protection, sealing or insulation solution for each temperature

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Centrifugal casting gaskets

Centrifugal casting

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Clean straight edges
  • Excellent fitting on shell ends
  • Optimal sealing
  • High refractory quality
  • Product traceability

Tailor made removable laddle cap

Tailor made removable laddle cap

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Custom-made product
  • Easy to install with integrated fixing
  • Very good resistance to flames and abrasion

Removable textile furnace door

Sealing furnace door

  • Good mechanical and thermal resistance
  • Recovery
  • Compressibility
  • Durability
  • Easy to install

Anti-fiber emission

Furnace trimming; coke oven door insulation

  • Reduce fiber dispersal
  • Avoid fibrous insulation erosion
  • Increase lifetime
  • Improve heat insulation
  • Easy implementation
  • Fastening directly on fibers
Here are some examples.
Your solution/product determined as well according to your activity.

Other applications:

  • Thermal sealing
  • Cast-iron ladle insulation
  • Ingot moulds gaskets
  • Furnace door gaskets
  • Expansion joints
  • Door seals
  • Fire protection
  • Tunnel insulation
  • etc.