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# Universal maintenance kit PullHeat

Coming from our innovative compound cloth range, replacing asbestos and ceramic, the «maintenance Kit PullHeat® 1000 Bio» is ideal to solve quickly by any member of your maintenance team, small worries of insulation, sealing and protection…up to 1000°c (1832°F)
This kit will for example enable you to reduce the temperature of more than 500°c (932°F) from a temperature of 1000°c (1832°F).PullHeat boxkit PullHeatPullHeat Cut
This «maintenance Kit PullHeat® 1000 Bio», brings the complete set :distribution box, 10m tape of innovative compound, 1x50m roll of aluminized scotch-tape and one pair of scissors …
To ease the process all information are printed on the case (best use, temperature gain…). Now you are ready to go !

High mechanical resistance Innovative Complexe temp PullHeat

  • Any operation of insulation, protection or thermical sealing
  • Soft, molds any shape
  • High mechanical resistance under traction:

                  Doesn't tear up

                  o Resist to vibrations

  • Low thickness (6mm)

                  o Easy to fit anywhere 

                  o Easy to handle Pullheatp2PullHeatp1

  • Outstanding thermical insulation : 0,06 W/m.°K-1 
  • Free of hazardous fibers 

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