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# Techeat expansion range

Control your combustion through better sealing of your installation with the new Techeat expansion® range.

Some critical zones like manhole, inspection hatch, crossover inlet, coil outlet…need to be properly sealed to limit unwanted air in the furnaces. These actions will have a direct and immediate impact on your operating cost and will decrease the atmospheric emissions.

Techeat Expansion C54

Techeat Expansion® C.54

- 1 fastening point : oven casing
- Sliding type seal
Techeat Expansion S21

Techeat Expansion® S.21

- 2 fastening points : Oven casing & tube
- Bellow type seal

For most of them various solutions exists and are in place but regarding the crossover inlet/ coil outlet the constraints of tube radial and axial expansion as well as thermal (150°c up to 1200°c), are to be taken in consideration.

The Techeat Expansion® range is dedicated to those mechanical/thermic constraints and is easy-to-fit without training.  
Our technical team will study your specific application on site in order to propose you the best dedicated solution.

Oven BA 101 Petroineos Lavera / France

PROCESS : ………    atmospheric distillation oven
Oven type : ………     30.000t
Number of tubes : ….  232
Temperatures : ……    850°C / 1560°F(radiation)
fuel : …………….       Refinery gas
Results : ………….     1% efficiency  increase
Saving : ……………   5 t / day of fuel gas
Assembly  duration :   20 à 30 min per unit


   Atmospheric distillation oven 1200  Atmospheric distillation oven 450

Temperature range

Up to 1200°C

Up to 450°C

Axial dilatation

No limit

0 / + 300 mm

Radial dilatation


0 / + 300 mm

Space taken



Possible offset



Fastening - on tube


By clamp

- on ferrule



- on Corner piece




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