This material is readily WELDABLE to stacker bars or extractors, has a longer lifetime and a lower risk of glass contact than with rivets

Stacker insert; stacker bars

NEFAGLASS SO tape is specifically for contact with hot glass items in the glass industry (mostly containers). This woven tape is made with stainless steel and glass fibres:

NEFAGLASS SO's lifetime is proven: 15 MILLION CONTACTS (300 articles of 280g per minute on IS 16 section machine)

Its main advantages are:

  • No checks or scratches
  • No sticking
  • No slipping
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • No surface vitrification
  • No domino effect in the lehr transfer
  • Wide range of fastening options
  • Versatile uses
  • Easy to adapt to article shapes
  • available by meters/roll or on ready to use cut pieces
Glass contact products
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