As a leading provider of high temperature insulation, sealing and protection solutions, we are aware of our customer needs.

With this in mind , we are continuously expanding our range of solutions with ceramic free products and are capable of producing the required products for your application.

  • Millboards: From Nefalit 7 BIO (850°C) to Nefalit BIO (1200°C) a specific range has been created to meet up to your standards
  • Textile range: From E Glass (500°C) to Nefatex 1390 (1390°C) offering superior performance combined with extremely low shrinkage and heat treatment loss.
  • Custom made products: Many solutions to encapsulate fibres within mattresses, compensators, etc.
  • Furnace Rolls: Nefinox HTG, Nefacier Gold, Nefacier RSG, etc.
  • Glass contact products
We constantly invest in research and development to find the best solution adapted to your requirements and we are always on the move to anticipate your needs!
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