We deal with all high temperature applications...

We deal with all high temperature applications requiring


We have more than 70 years experience in the production of high temperature solutions throughout the world with leading names in heavy industry.

Integrated process / Reactivity

Our human scale and a unique engineering/production/logistic plant completely dedicated to the production of non-asbestos millboard and textile materials guarantees the perfect flow of all processes.

Solution provider

A specific approach is required for each customer and our technical team is dedicated to proposing practical solutions integrating technical and economical constraints.

Multicultural team

Through work we have completed and projects in more than 60 countries our team has developed a comprehensive know-how in handling thoroughly specific constraints: languages, logistics, local standards, custom regulations, etc.


We have our own production equipment, a large stock of products, an expert team dedicated to custom-made products, and we have worldwide mobility, as well as a very quick decisionary process.

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