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Self-sufficiency and Reactivity

From engineering to shipment, including custom-made production, we offer a complete range of services allowing us total control of our entire process with few external requirements


A privately owned company with a field-oriented board of directors, fulfilling customer requirements and preparing tomorrows needs.

Research and Development / Quality control

The centre of today’s product performance, tomorrow's innovation and a guarantee of high quality standards.

Production tools

Specific production equipment ( millboard, textile, rope lagging, cutting tools, custom-made workshop, etc.) within a 10,000 sqm. factory and an expert technical team. A dedicated maintenance unit for perfect self-sufficiency.


Always up-to-date with new raw materials that can upgrade or introduce new functions to our solutions.


Internal engineering unit in direct contact with both production and the end user for quick and practical solutions.

Technical sales-team

Great mobility so that we are available wherever our advice is needed throughout the world.

Logistic issues

A unique integrated warehouse with a dedicated administrative sales team that controls orders, production schedules, packaging, shipment, custom, export documents, invoices, legal requirements( EUR1, NIMP15, etc.), providing a single contact throughout the process.


A customer requirement-based organisation making communication easier and increasing our reactiveness


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