Environmental issues

Environmental issues

PBI excels in environmental, health and security issues, due to the constant improvement of our production tools and our great awareness of the challenges in this area.

Our goal is to guarantee environment protection as well as the health and security of employees.

Through this involvement we are active with regard to sustainable development. This is of benefit to the community, customers and suppliers as well as all our employees.

In order to remain at the forefront of environmental, health and security issues we have determined some key principles that are constantly applied by all PBI employees:

  • Environment, health and security are an integrated part of the PBI Management process
  • Through the understanding of our customer requirements we are able to advise them how to use our products and how to observe good practices with regard to environment, health and security
  • We are a leader in these issues and we promote high standard products and their benefits
  • We comply with legal requirements as well as with internal trading standards
  • We continuously improve our production process in order to permanently reduce its impact on the environment
  • We have adopted an open and transparent communication mode, both internally and externally, to continually increase our comprehension, remain up to date in terms of ground- breaking ideas and be more active in these areas on a daily basis.