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Flexible burner gasket sealing

Flexible burner gasket sealing for aluminum transport ladle

Previous situation : Use of blanket pieces with following defaults : short life time (1 to 3 days), fiber dispersion, poor sealing, repetitive maintenance…

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Techeat expansion range

Control your combustion through better sealing of your installation with the new Techeat expansion® range.

Some critical zones like manhole, inspection hatch, crossover inlet, coil outlet…need to be properly sealed to limit unwanted air in the furnaces. These actions will have a direct and immediate impact on your operating cost and will decrease the atmospheric emissions.

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Techeat Expansion Petrole/Gaz oct/nov 2014

Techeat Expansion® parution Pétrole et Gaz (octobre / novembre 2014)

L’étanchéité des passages de tubes : une priorité pour une meilleure maîtrise de la combustion (téléchargez la version PDF)

Les défauts d’étanchéité des procédés énergétiques (fours de distillations, viscoréducteurs, reformers, hydrocraqueurs, vapocraqueurs …) génèrent des entrées d'air parasite perturbant le fonctionnement des installations.


Publi Pétrole Gaz octobre 2014


(Ci-dessous la version lisible en navigateur web)

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Universal maintenance kit PullHeat

Coming from our innovative compound cloth range, replacing asbestos and ceramic, the «maintenance Kit PullHeat® 1000 Bio» is ideal to solve quickly by any member of your maintenance team, small worries of insulation, sealing and protection…up to 1000°c (1832°F)
This kit will for example enable you to reduce the temperature of more than 500°c (932°F) from a temperature of 1000°c (1832°F).PullHeat boxkit PullHeatPullHeat Cut
This «maintenance Kit PullHeat® 1000 Bio», brings the complete set :distribution box, 10m tape of innovative compound, 1x50m roll of aluminized scotch-tape and one pair of scissors …
To ease the process all information are printed on the case (best use, temperature gain…). Now you are ready to go !

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TECHEAT tubing

TECHEAT Tubing range

We have created a state of the art range of tecHeat techeatbyPBI tubing dedicated to the insulation and protection of cables and flexible from 150 to 1390°c.

techeat tubing g28techeatbyPBI techeat tubing f29

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Glass silicone OPTIMALE sleeve

Thermal protection sleeve for steel pipes (stiff or flexible), rubber hoses, electric cables… exposed to high temperatures in industry, aeronautical, automotive, ship building

Fiberglass sleeving insulation; silicon coated sleeve     Velcro sleeve        High temperature silicine tubing; flexible cable protection

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Complete range of active materials including expandable components for smart seals. NEFEX® is the newest range of highly innovative and exclusive X-treme Solutions that has been developed for demanding high temperature sealing situations.

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As a leading provider of high temperature insulation, sealing and protection solutions, we are aware of our customer needs.

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NEFATEX 1390 is part of our range of highly innovative and exclusive textile products increasing equipment lifetime and reducing maintenance.

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This material is readily WELDABLE to stacker bars or extractors, has a longer lifetime and a lower risk of glass contact than with rivets

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